Read the article, write a discussion and reply to others

You need to read the article and make a discussion post that have a relation to the textbook. Postings and articles need to be relevant to Chapter 5 and 6 of Healthcare Reframing book. Briefly make a point about something in that article or that article’s major theme, related to readings, to help educate us on its relevance. These posts do not have to be very long (150-170 words). Those responding (70-100 words) to a student’s post can simply give a sentence or two assessing what the original student post made them think about more (but please make it more than “I liked your post!”). You must always try and bring in an idea from the current or a past module when doing your original blog post.
Article link:
Aastha Das’s post (you need to reply to for 100 words): the healthcare industry begins to adapt more to the revolutionary technological advancements being made, cloud technology is being used more within life sciences companies, especially to improve patient healthcare quality. Cloud computing has revealed to be especially useful with the “resilience, speed, and capability” of it for healthcare making it possible to conduct more analytics, advanced innovation cycles, and standardization around the globe as retail and technology take over the industry. The article even brings up how Moderna used cloud computing in the sequencing of the virus to deliver trial COVID-19 vaccines. The use of cloud computing also allows for the retail of healthcare to move faster as there are more automated processes to deliver faster solutions to patients in need, ensuring the quality of healthcare is not sacrificed while making it more retail. Innovation continues to drive the healthcare industry and allows it to improve and “revamp” its IT however most tailorable for a given sector within healthcare.

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