Reflective Journal

Journal activities in this course are private between students and the instructor. Journal assignments will serve as a personal reflection on your knowledge and experience relating to leadership and healthcare. This journal is only graded for compliance with completing it.  If you provide a thoughtful and nicely developed response you will receive all the points. (See the grading rubric) If you only provide answers with no real reflection, you will only receive partial credit. If you use in-text citations, you must provide APA formatted references. The journal does not require a title page, but your name and the title “Journal Week _” should appear on the top. Also, you do not need to provide a separate reference page; any references may be placed at the end of the journal.
Topic: Identify three leadership Best Practices (supported by evidence) that help create an engaged staff. Discuss challenges to the development and implementation of the identified Best Practices. Be specific. For example (not all inclusive), what setting would the identified best practice be most effective in, the rationale for choosing this strategy over others, and any other comments you deem pertinent.

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