Regulatory compliance

Procedure Drafting Tips
Think about the purpose of your procedure–it is to include the steps necessary to comply with the policy that you drafted. Make sure your procedures actually accomplish the purpose of your policy statement.
The procedures should be clear and concise, but include sufficient detail so that the reader can comply. Consider lecture discussions about the amount of detail that should be included in the procedures. Enumerate your steps so the reader is guided through the process in the correct order.
Do not use examples or information that may quickly become outdated.
Be sure to spell out the words the first time when using an acronym. You may decide to incorporate a definition section, but only for larger procedures.
You should be able to read the procedures and understand what they are designed to accomplish, without having to read the title of the procedures or the policy statement, or work in the industry.
Once you have finished drafting your procedures, put on your regulator hat and review it to determine if it adequately complies with any legal or regulatory requirements

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