Religions Discussion Post

With help from the emperor Constantine, Christianity went from being a “religion of martyrs” to a “religion of rulers.” How might political power and access to wealth have affected the lives of Christians? What consequences might this change have had for other religious groups in the Roman Empire such as Jews and pagans?
Do American Christians enjoy privilege in the United States? Are people of other faiths, or no faith, marginalized in the U.S.? What are the political, economic, or social ramifications of a religion with power and privilege in a society?
Choose one of the above topics, do some research, give concrete examples and add links to sources. Remember: write a minimum of 350 words (not counting the links to sources).
Reply to a classmate whose post AGREES with your own. However, make at least one point for the OPPOSITE view in your response! This is an exercise in critical thinking, to learn to look from a different and perhaps uncomfortable perspective. Do more research and add examples to support your argument.
Here’s a silly “for instance:” Chocolate ice cream is your favorite. You make a post extolling its virtues. You reply to a classmate who also loves chocolate ice cream, but you point out it stains clothes when it inevitably drips on your shirt. Therefore, vanilla ice cream has its advantages. You may even consider it the best choice when wearing a white shirt or being dressed for a special occasion. Get the gist?
Add links to any sources you use.

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