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Alcohol has played a role in relationships since the beginning of time. In 1920, prohibition emobided the U.S Constitution’s 18th Amendment which banned the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol. The prohibition started for an attempt to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, and for religious stances. However, the prohibition failed because the population didn’t want to give up drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol allows many people to “loosen up” and be themselves around people they may not necessarily know. It allows their personality to flow and provides people with the confidence to be themselves. This leads to how it is used to initiate sexual encounters. Many people will drink alcohol and feel more aroused as apposed to not having any alcohol in their system. People will go on first dates to get drinks in order to give themselves the confidence and let loose. There are many physical and psychological effects of alcohol. Physical effects of drinking too much alcohol includes dizziness, shaking, vommiting, slurred speech, and sweating. Psychological effects of consuming too much alcohol include difficulty focusing, memory problems, increased depression

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