Research Design on the selection of military working dogs

For this assignment, you will identify four distinct variables (3-Independent Variables, 1-Dependent Variable) that should be measured and collected in relation to his/her research project. In the written assignment to be turned in, each student should state how the variable could/should be operationalized and which data element(s) should be collected to best measure that variable.
Additionally you will create (and write) a detailed research design for the research project. The research design should include steps of what would need to be done to conduct the research. It should follow and include material learned in this course and from the assigned readings.
The research design is like a roadmap/directions, recipe, and/or blueprint. Anyone reading the research design should be able to go and complete/do what has been written.
As part of the research design, you need to specify at least one research question or hypothesis that your research seeks to test/answer.
Your research design must be typed and in complete sentence and paragraph form. It should be a minimum of three (3) pages in length. It should be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Proper APA citations needed if/when appropriate.

Based off of Lit Review attached. Two examples of research designs are attached.

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