research paper

In order to successfully complete this unit:

First, you will take one of your two previous essays and now properly cite all quotes from the original story/play that you included in your paper

Second, you will add useful information properly cited “in-text” from four (4) articles from one of the two lists below. You will NOT create a new paper, from scratch
these articles discuss the works/authors of your original paper and you will add quotes from them into your original argumentative essay, wherever they fit, transforming it from an argumentation essay, to a full literary research paper
If the remaining articles available for your chosen work/author can also work for your paper, you may use them as well
The quotes from these articles may be about the author of the work, its theme, the collection the work comes from, or the issues it asks you to think about. For example, Original Essay: “Kate Chopin is the author of the short story ‘The Story of an Hour.” Research Paper: “Kate Chopin, whom John Doe calls “a proto-feminist” (Doe, 2009), is the author of the short story ‘The Story of an Hour.”
Even if a statement in the article says the opposite of your argument, you can still use it by saying something like: “Unlike John Doe who believes ‘X’ (Doe 2012), what is really going on is …” [continue with your original argument]
The citation information for each article is included below each link but is not in APA format. You will have to format that information yourselves. Simply typing: “retrieved from the SPC databases” is not enough, and will receive no credit
NEVER add a quote between two periods and just let it sit there. You must connect it to the existing paper with a sentence or two. There is a reason why you put that quote in that spot and not the next paragraph. Tell me what that reason is to work the quote in smoothly to the existing paper
No other outside sources besides the literary articles from the lists below are allowed
Third review the videos below and create your paper’s setup, the in-text citations, and a References page as the new last page of your paper listing in proper APA format only the articles from our list that you worked into the essay


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