Research Practicum Report – Mental Health Disparities

I already started the Research Practicum Report. (Please use Draft_5330 Research Practicum Report).
Please complete the highlighted sections of the Draft_5330 Research Practicum Report_Catrina Cryer.
Please see Highlighted Areas on Report Outline for specific details.
Also create a 1 page Poster Presentation using Powerpoint.

***Assignment: Final Research Paper Instructions***
Research Report
For the research practicum you have to select a research topic relevant to the rural context. Your research topic has to build on the work you have done in SOCW 5320. Your research topic has to be approved by your instructor.
You can select any of the following types of research:
1) Systematic review of literature, documents, reports and policy documents. This can include an evaluation of journal articles.
2) A client system evaluation at your agency where you are doing the field practicum. It cannot be the same as your capstone project. You are not allowed to use field hours to conduct this evaluation.
3) An analysis of existing data (available from your instructor or web-based public data). This analysis will include a section on implications to practice.
4) The development of a program specific to a rural issue identified by you. The program development is based on program design methodology.
5) A study engaging with research participants to collect data. This study will need to be submitted to the School of Social Work’s research committee and the Institutional Review Board (IRB).
Building on your proposal as developed in SOWC 5320 you have to develop and implement a project plan. You have to show evidence that you are able to implement every step of the research process. You will be guided through the process by means of individual supervision, group supervision and class discussions. The final product of your research project is a comprehensive research report.
The research project is based on an individual research project although a group of students can work on the same topic. All research reports (final assignment) should be individual reports. The research report will provide evidence of your ability to master the research process. The report should be outlined in the suggested format (minimum requirements).
The report will be electronic. Keep all of your data in an electronic folder.
Cover Page (Title of Project, Student Name, IRB Approval #, SOCW 5330, Name of Instructor)
Index Page
Section 1: Introduction
• A short introduction which will help the reader to know what to expect in the report (half page)
• Problem formulation – practice, previous research, your observations and literature review (2 pages)
• Rationale / motivation for the study (2 pages)
• Research questions and/or hypothesis (Half page)
• Purpose and objectives of the study (Half page)
• Discussion of concepts related to the study (3 pages)
• Limitations (Half to 1 page)
• Ethical issues
Section 2: Literature Review (15 pages)
• Start with a discussion on the reasons for the selection of literature
• Make sure you include the concepts (parameters of the study) as discussed in Section 1
• Different topics related to your research (integrated)
• Theories related to your topic
• Provide a synthesis at the end of your literature review
Section 3: Research methodology (10 pages)
• Research methods
• Research design
• Research methods in terms of collection and analysis (including the data collection instrument and sampling)
• Data collection
• Data analysis
Section 4: Results (10 pages)
• The findings of the empirical study (qualitative = themes and quantitative = results)
• Graphs, tables, analysis frameworks as relevant to the specific method of data collection
• The interpretation of the results
Section 5: Conclusions and recommendations (5 pages)
• Basic conclusions based on the results
• Recommendations based on the results and conclusions
• Summary
Bibliography / Reference List
Addendums /Appendices
• Support letter from the agency (if applicable)
• Data collection instruments and protocols
• Consent form
• Any other documents you think are relevant for the reader to know. This can include recruitment information, such as a flyer.
Minimum Requirements:

1. Your writing should reflect analytical thinking and scientific reasoning
2. The research report should be written in APA style
3. Font size: 12
4. Spacing: Double
5. The pages indicated are the maximum pages (not the minimum)
6. References: 25 journal articles and/or book chapters if your are collecting data from participants. If you are doing a meta-analysis, it needs to be a minimum of 50 articles.
7. You will be asked to show your raw data to the instructor – keep in a binder/electronic folder.
Poster Presentation
100 points
After completion of your research study you will be required to make a recorded Zoom presentation and upload it to Drop Box. Your presentation should be in a digital poster and recording format. It should provide evidence of the research methodology as well as the research results.
Minimum requirements:
1. The poster must include title, student name, course number, instructor’s name, IRB approval #, purpose and objectives of the research, research questions and/or hypotheses, research methodology (design, sample, data collection and analysis), findings, conclusions and recommendations and a reference list.
2. Professional dress is required when presenting and recording the presentation.
3. Your poster should be a single sheet, professional prepared and digitally saved. Use Power Point or Prezi or any other poster format that you are familiar with. No handmade posters will be accepted. Posters can be landscape or portrait format.

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