Research Proposal Presentation including Powerpoint Presentation

Each student will review the literature and write a research proposal on a counseling topic of interest. The paper will be comprised of a literature review which efficiently leads to the development of a research question, hypothesis, operational definitions of relevant variables, and a brief description of methodology that entails how the research question can be explored using quantitative or qualitative procedures. The paper must be approximately 10 pages in length, use a minimum of 15 professional journal articles, typed, double-spaced and adhere to APA style. Specifically, students will be expected to develop three Chapter research proposal consisting
of the following content:
Cover page
Introduction (Chapter 1)
Statement of the Problem
Research questions and or Hypotheses
Definitions of Related Terms (operational definitions if applicable)
Brief Literature Review (Chapter 2)
Methodology (Chapter 3)
Reference Page.
Instructor ResourceCreswell,Research Design 5e
SAGE Publishing, 2018 Research Proposal Checklist Note: This is a general guideline and each individual should determine what is required for their proposal based on their specific university requirements. Title o Does it summarize the main idea of the proposed research? o Will the general public understand it? o Can it stand alone? Is it fully explanatory? Background and Significance of the Research o Will the results of the research fill a gap in our knowledge? o A brief synopsis and background of the complex problem you plan to study. o 1–3 paragraphs (3–8 sentences per paragraph). o Professional and polished, do not submit sloppy drafts to your committee. Problem Statement o 1–2 paragraphs. o Present problem, research focus, and population affected. Purpose of the Study o 1 short paragraph (the most important statement of your proposal). o Clearly outlines the participants, the topic, and the methodology. Literature Review o Does the proposal demonstrate thorough and current understanding and knowledge of the peer-reviewed literature related to the topic? Creswell, Research Design 5e SAGE Publishing, 2018 o Does the proposal identify and describe the specific type of methodology—e.g., qualitative (ethnography, grounded theory, case study, etc.), quantitative (descriptive, quasi-experimental, etc.), or mixed methods (from both traditions)? o Do I demonstrate a thorough and current understanding of the peer-reviewed literature relating to my topic? o Introduce literature through themes. o Themes should flow naturally for the reader. Methodology o Method (i.e. qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods) and brief synopsis. o Brief rationale for the selected approach. o Research questions and hypothesis are stated clearly. o Description of the variables (independent, dependent, mediating, etc.). o Description of the population under study. o Description of how the researcher will identify and recruit a sample. o Description of any necessary permissions to access and recruit the population or data sources under study. o Data collection tools (survey, artifacts, interviews, etc.). o Describe any ethical considerations. o Describe data analysis plan (software, coding process). o Provide a specific and detailed timeline for how you will complete your study. o Provide a graphic organizer so your committee can see a visual of your study outline and timeline. Creswell, Research Design 5e SAGE Publishing, 2018 o Summarize paragraph restating the main ideas, topic, and issues you addressed in this section. Reference o I am using the correct citation style? o Do I cite my references appropriately in my literature review, theoretical review, and methodology?

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