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The Normal Distribution is shown with a bell curve that is symmetrical. The peak or center of the bell curve is the mean, and it is a visual to show probability and how likely or unlikely the probability of a result is. The further out from the peak, the less likely the probability is of an event happening. The further out from the mean are deviations, between a 1 and -1 deviation, the probability is 68.26%, between deviation of 2 an -2 the probability is 95.44% and between -3 and 3 the probability is 99.74%. An example of a standard deviation bell curve that is well known would be a growth chart for a child at the doctor office showing the percentile of the height or weight of the child. The 50th percentile is the mean or the average of the normal growth, and the data of the child’s info would fall wherever they are, and this is where they fall on the average of all children at that age.

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