Revise Poster about: Cytomorphology of acute bacterial meningitis in CSF

Professor’s Feedback:
Please add more histology images and remove the picture of symptoms and add an explanation to them on the actual slide and in the slide notes. Also, please use a template poster for the slide.
– The given topic should be explained by using good quality pictures with appropriate labelling using arrows and description in foot notes for each picture.
– Tables can be added to mention characteristic cytomorphological findings and differential diagnosis for the given topic
– References should be present in the end
– Data and pictures can be taken from any source, provided due credit is given by mentioning the reference in the end.
– Please use the reference books listed below :
a. Diagnostic Cytopathology. Winfred Gray, G Kocjan. 3rd edition. Expertconsult. (Churchill livingstone/Elsiever)
b. Cytology. Diagnostic principles and Clinical correlates. Edmund S Cibas. 5th edition. Elsiever
Requirements: Please revise the slide according to my professor’s feedback | .ppt file

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