Simple Organizing Excel Gallop Poll system report

The following data was from gallop poll system in the PDF file which I used adobe to copy and paste all the data in excel for you to make it easier so there will be no data entry or typing, just needs organizing! Main goal here is to add all the data from the PDF file into an EXCEL file and make it organized and presentable!
You need to move things around, add worksheets, etc and basically organize the data into a format where it can be more easily reported and analyzed. They will be sending out this survey 2 more times, so the end goal is to be able to track changes over time. I have also attached a heatmap which is basically the information in the pdf a little organized, I would like you to use all these 3 things to create a new file that is well organized using the information given, you can use the heatmap as a base for now!
Notes about the heatmap:
t’s a pretty simple “heatmap” version in Excel, but it does break down the entire point of the PDF quite well.

On the PDF, the information about the “Engagement Index” would be useful – these scores will hopefully be increasing over time as well as the individual question scores.
Additional information: there were 609 individuals who received survey links from Gallup. 317 people completed it, which was a participation rate of 52%. I have not found this information included in any excel options in the Gallup platform, presumably because it’s proprietary information that includes some of their formulas etc.

we could probably be more specific about the Outcome Indicators for Gallup, now that one has been completed for the system and I have a much better understanding of type of results we’ll continue getting in future surveys. I’ll ponder this a little more and aim to add this to an email with the other Indicator that needs reworded.

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