Social Science Question

During the course you will write an “ethical policy” paper regarding a particular computer-related technology that you believe raises important ethical questions. The goal of the paper is to propose a public policy for your chosen technology that you believe is ethically justified, i.e. identify a bad policy or lack of policy and describe a replacement. The paper will be developed in three stages, detailed below.
Version 1
In the first version of your policy paper you should make and defend an ethical position and a policy derived from that position. Discuss the technology whose impact you are investigating, the current public policy (or lack thereof), your proposed public policy, and an argument for why this policy should lead to better social outcomes, grounded in your conception of the good.
Your paper should be not less than 1500 words in length. In your bibliography, you should make reference to at least four peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles that are at least 20 pages total in length; if their combined page count is less, then include as many peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles as you need to make a minimum of 20 pages. Substantiate each factual claim in your paper through a specific reference to one of your bibliographic sources or don’t make the claim.
Requirements: 1500 words Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages
The first task that was related to this assignment was the topic description. My policy paper topic is on ethics and proper governance of the digital divide. I will provide you with the last task, which was the topic description once you are selected to work on the question 😉.
Please use scholarly sources peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years
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