Sociology Question

OverviewIt should be clear by now that we live in a social order that continues to hold many ageist beliefs that often result in social inequality for olders. Earlier in the course everyone shared their biases on aging and their perspective at the time. Now that we’re at the end of the course, it’s time to take another look at your attitudes toward aging and the aged to see how your perspective has evolved (if at all) and what you’re taking away from the course experience. This is worth up to 2% extra credit.DirectionsIn the assignment text box or a word processing program (e.g. Word, Google Docs, etc.), reflect on the following questions about your learning and growth in essay format: * How has your perspective on aging changed since you started this course? What resources from the course were most influential? What do you want to learn more about? * What advice do you have to future students or others who fear aging and/or believe getting old is a bad thing? * What other reflections about your learning or growth during this course would you like to share?
Remember, part of being a good sociologist is communicating your ideas clearly, so please write in complete sentences, explain your thoughts thoroughly, use proper punctuation and grammar, etc. I will provide lectures below just fro information if you want to take a look.

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