Specialized Courts

Specialized Courts.

Specialized Courts, such as Drug Courts are being implemented all over the Country. What is your assessment of this trend? Why do you feel this way? Research the various types of Specialized Courts in the State of Georgia. Discuss the purpose of each of the specialized courts. Please discuss the Specialized Courts in the State of Georgia only. You must use at least two external sources in your paper. You must also ensure that your paper is properly cited and use the APA format throughout your paper. Please type this paper double spaced, proof the document prior to submitting. Please ensure your paper is free of grammatical and structural errors, and include standard margins and fonts. Your paper must be a minimum of 500 words; it must also include a cover page and a reference page. Please note the cover page and reference page are not included in your minimum 500 words. Please remember that this assignment, as well as all of the others associated with this course, is expected to be your own original work and NOT copy paste from various sources. Please upload your final paper under the assignments tab

Specialized Courts

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