Statelessness in the Middle East: The Kurdish Experience

Teacher Instructions: Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the Middle East without a state. The Kurdish Women’s Stories is a collection of the Kurdish women’s experiences in different states in the region. Despite differences between their social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, statelessness had a significant impact on the lives of Kurds throughout the region. How has the shared experience of statelessness affected Kurdish women’s lives? Please discuss referring mainly to the Kurdish Women’s Stories and other relevant readings assigned for this class. No outside sources.

Please make sure that your analysis is based on an analytical and critical examination of the readings.
Your essay needs to have a solid introduction describing the context within which these documents were created.
Your essay needs to be concrete in referring to specific sections of the readings and giving specific examples to support your arguments. Please avoid making vague statements without due evidence.

Expectations: The teacher wants us to specifically use the sources provided in the descriiption along with clear evidence to support any claims in the essay. Using mainly the source (Houzan Mahmoud, Kurdish Women’s Stories ‎Pluto Press.) along with (Mesut Yegen, (1999). The Kurdish Question in Turkish State Discourse. Journal of Contemporary 34(4), 555–68.) My teacher is very critical of using these sources as well as using evidence for the critical analysis paper. The essay needs to present a coherent argument supported by evidence from these readings. The essay has to be based on those readings and sources need to be cited in Chicago style footnotes as well. Answering the prompt in the best critical and analytical way. I have also attached the actual prompt from the teacher as well as the sources needed for the essay.

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