Statement of Intent

Program: Global Affairs/International Peace Studies
The statement of intent should capture your intellectual development and interests. It should generally be 1–3 double-spaced pages in length. This is your opportunity to present a strong argument about why you would be an excellent student in the program, so be sure that you are completely satisfied with the document you submit.
Establish your desire for the degree and how you envision using your training and knowledge in the future.
Articulate why you have selected your specific program (Master in Global Affairs/International Peace Studies), i.e.. how your interest coincides with those of the faculty.
Identify the strengths that you would bring to the program (e.g., credentials, experience).
Explain any unusual situations but refrain from providing excuses.
Be sure to include your name and prospective program on each page of the statement—even though you submit the document electronically.

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