Stories from the front line

This assorted assignment consists of primary sources – letters from soldiers on the front home and articles discussing soldiers’ everyday lives on the front.
Please choose one of the letters from the given link: and do a write-up on one of the articles (of the three articles on soldiers’ intimacy, food, and realities back home: BBC Maganzine – WWI Story.pdf and then look up to find relevant information from the period in your textbook (Sherman, and or Paxton). Use the sources (letter, magazine articles, and textbook material to discuss an aspect of soldiers’ everyday life on the front lines.
Your essay is to be three to four paragraphs long, containing some 300 words.
Please cite in-text and also in separate ‘works cited’ section at the end following, utilizing examples given (see Course Information module with details on Originality, Citation, and Format, and MLA).
Sources: © Copyright 2008 by Richard Landers Published in: SOUTH ON THE BORDER October 7, 2016, at 12:31 AM
BBC History Magazine, August 2011
Clare Makepeace. Sex and the Trenches, 32-33
Saul David. Did Conkers Help Win the First World War?72-23
Rachel Duffet. Grub UP! British Army Food on the Western Front, 78-81
BBC Magazine – WWI Stories from the Fronline.pdf

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