Summary response on

Then, write a 4-5 page essay responding to the following prompt:

From the readings listed above, choose one of the articles that you understand well. Write a summary of your chosen article then respond to the article. Do you primarily agree or disagree with the author? What specific ideas or concepts from the article do you agree or disagree with? Why do you agree or disagree with those concepts? Or, can you relate to the author and her story? Why/how can you relate? Be selective and specific with the concepts/reasons you discuss. Of course, use quotes from the article about concepts you are referring to and use outside sources and your own personal experience to support your essay.

Regardless of which prompt you choose to address—

Be sure to follow standard essay structure format (intro with thesis, body paragraphs with topic sentences, proper transitions, etc.).
Follow summary rules as discussed in class for the summary paragraph—Note: the majority of the essay should be your response NOT the summary of the reading.
Choose specific quotes and/or short passages (paraphrases) from the reading that you can discuss at length about—use your critical reading and writing skills.
Begin with a clear thesis at the end of your introduction paragraph that includes the author’s name, how/why you relate and/or agree (disagree) with the author and reasons for your thoughts.
Be sure to include in-text citations—properly formatted—within the body of your essay.
Include a Works Cited page that lists the reading/article that you are responding to and any (and all) outside sources you use in your essay.
Remember—each response paragraph should have no more than three lines of quoted passages (1-2 quotes).
Do not use “block quotes”—quoted passages longer than 4 lines.
Be sure to explain and elaborate on each quote after the quote—please do not begin or end a body paragraph with a quote
Create an original title for your essay (not “Essay 1”).
Use MLA format—Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, 1-inch margins, proper header order, etc.
NOTE: Your summary should be after your introduction paragraph. Your essay should follow academic style guidelines and semi-formal tone. Do not “announce” your thesis nor use “you” (second person) or inappropriate first person “I” in your paper. Do not use the terms: “in my paper…,” “I believe…,” “I think…,” “In my opinion,” etc. in your essay. Do not use contractions. See your class notes for further instructions and guidelines for this essay and ALL other essays done for this class. For this essay, do your best with the MLA in-text citations and Works Cited page.

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