Here are the three sites
For your homework, for this week you will need to write a summary of EACH of the three papers. Like an abstract, the summary should be thought of as a brief overview of the paper but written in your own words and answering the following questions about each of the three papers. You should identify what information is important and condense that information in your summary. The summary is to be written in paragraph form, in your own words (NO direct quotes) and will need to answer the questions below with proper grammar and paragraph flow. Each paper, with a summary, is worth 5 points (total 15 points). Each summary should NOT be over one page, single-spaced. You will also need to include a citation for the paper on each summary in the format as outlined in the procedure portion of the self-paced activity this week (Week 7) and a working link to the paper.
you should include these.
What is the question the research is trying to answer? What are the hypotheses being tested?
What are the predictions/predicted results being made?
What is the basic experimental design? List the responding variable(s) including units, and two controlled variables. What is the manipulated variable? How many treatments were there? What are the treatments? How was the data analyzed (don’t just state the entire methods section – but remember to be brief)
Describe the results. Were they significant?
Briefly explain the key implications of the results.
Were the research’s hypotheses/explanations supported? Explain why or why not.

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