Sustainable football clubs forest rovers v premier league

2000 words – However, you can add essential info into an appendix if necessary.

Intro – state which two companies/products you have chosen to evaluate. State which concept you will compare them on i.e. TBL or CE.
Review the company’s approach to sustainability in general e.g. do they focus on the SDGs? Cite their sustainability reports plus any third party verification.
Demonstrate your comparative analysis by using as many figures/data as possible in a table e.g. on LCA criteria: materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, disposal.

Findings – summarise the key findings from your analysis.
Conclusions – provide specific recommendations for each company to improve.
References – ensure these are accurate and correctly cited and there aren’t any typo’s in your entire report. Ensure you do not use any student reports in your report. Only use legitimate sources. Cite the kortext plus the company sustainability reports, any third party reports, url’s, etc.

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