Tap Water vs. Bottled Water

For this week’s post, you will access a documentary called: Tapped: The Movie, about bottled water that reviews several associated health and environmental consequences. Then, you will also do some research on Sciencedaily.com to find an article about a specific aspect of bottled water or tap water.
1. After watching the movie, do you now feel any differently about drinking bottled water? Why or why not?
2. Has your opinion changed about tap water? Why or why not?
3. Make the Title of your post be something related to one of your views about the topic.
4. Then, go to Sciencedaily.com and type in the keywords: ‘bottled water’ or ‘tap water’ or to find an article that relates to some aspect of your post. Briefly summarize the findings of the research and mention if it supports your view or of bottled water (or tap water) or if it raises more questions in your mind. Make sure to include a link to that article.

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