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Develop Chapter 1 of the Dissertation Prospectus. Be sure use the Dissertation Template (link on Course Home page) for formatting, headings, and type of content. See also the EdD Dissertation Content Guidelines document (link on Course Home page).

The Introductory paragraph(s) clearly identifies the topic and direction of the Chapter 1. All of the sections within the chapter are noted and the outline of the chapter is clearly presented.
The Statement of the Problem is clearly identified and supporting research is briefly offered to support the existence of the problem. The statement of the problem should include background on the existing problem, literature that briefly addresses the background, and the current state of the problem.
The Purpose of the Study is clearly articulated and succinctly written to identify the design and method, as well as context and potential participant population. A few sentences can be devoted to connecting the purpose and the problem so the reader can clearly see how your purpose will address the identified problem.
The Research Question(s) is succinct, clear, and focused; it conveys the design and methodology that are appropriate to answer the questions; questions are clearly derived from the purpose statement, and are manageable. Note: Make sure you do not confuse research questions for survey or interview questions.
Definitions of Key Terms clearly explain terms unique to the study that may not be understood by the reader.
A theoretical and/or conceptual framework can be articulated, but limit these sections to 4-5 paragraphs each (at most).
The Summary succinctly and clearly summarizes Chapter 1 and prepares the reader for Chapter 2.
APA format is followed throughout the chapter. Writing is appropriately scholarly, including no punctuation, spelling, or general grammar errors. This is not optional.
Submit Chapter 1 (modeled after the ACU EdD Dissertation Template) to your dissertation chair.

Chapter 1 Draft Rubric
Chapter 1 Draft Rubric
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