The Effect of Digital Media on Society

● Introduction:
– Define Digital Media
– Mention Technological Revolution
– Mention Globalization
– Thesis Statement
● Psychological Effects of Digital Media
– Increase in Mental Illnesses
– Lack of Privacy
– Catfishing and its effects
– Cyber Bullying
– Increase in Anti-Social Behavior

Format: length: 6 pages for each member

New times roman – font 12 – 1.5 space.

Grade distribution : Total grade is 30 points distributed:

– 5 points for outline

– 5 points for introduction

– 5 points for organization ( having different body paragraphs (1pt), linking different body paragraphs together (2pts), thesis statements introducing each body paragraphs(2pts)

– Rigor, depth and analytical skills of content (5pts)

– Efficiency and relevance of examples used (5pts)

– referencing style and convent resources (5pts)

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