The Price of Periods: Prisons, Poverty, Politics Nov 22, 5:00 PM–6:00 PM

For this assignment, you should attend an event from the list below and submit a short (3-4 paragraph) response paper in which you (a) briefly summarize the content of the event, since the reader(s) may not have been there; and (b) explain any connections you identified between the content of the event and our course materials, such as readings, lecture materials, films, etc. Please make sure that your response is written coherently and is saved as a Word or PDF file.
November 22, 9-10am
“The Price of Periods: Prisons, Poverty, Politics” will present new areas of menstrual health research and policy initiatives to eliminate period inequality. This event is hosted by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, so could be an interesting opportunity for some comparative insights! More information and registration at…

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