the relationship between music and visual effects

The project could be about understanding the relationship between music and visual effects by 1) doing a thorough review and critical analysis of previous work and 2) conducting interviews with at least 10 artist-researchers who develop such audio-visual systems.

About 1): As a starting point you can look published papers in the NIME proceedings ( and in the CHI proceedings (

About 2): The interviews should have well defined questions that aim to uncover how artists-researchers utilize sounds and visuals to create audio-visual experiences. Some example questions could be:
– How do they approach audio-visual interaction?
– How do they map between the two modalities?
– Is one of the two modalities more central to their work than the other?
– Do they rely on scientific literature on audio-visual correspondences and interaction?

The Dissertation needs two parts: 8 pages research paper and 5 pages reflective essay.

I have added some files that can be used for reference.

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