The Stanford Prison Experiment


For this assignment, you will examine social groups and how an individual’s behavior and decisionmaking can be influenced by a group.
After reviewing the assigned resources about Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, choose to take
the perspective of either the guards or the prisoners in your assignment.
• Taking on the perspective of your chosen group, discuss how group processes and groupthink
influenced the participants’ decision-making and behavior within the group.
• Include insights about the influence of Zimbardo and his co-researchers as the group leaders.
If this study was conducting using researchers and participants from different cultures, do you
think the outcome would be the same? Explain.
• Suggest ways that a participant could have decreased groupthink within their experimental
• How should Zimbardo and his co-researchers have changed their behaviors to improve
experimental validity? Could this study be done in a more ethical manner?
Page length – 3-5 pages with additional title and reference pages.
• Your paper must be formatted according to APA guidelines, double-spaced with one-inch
• Use at least two (2) scholarly sources in your work and include all reference citations in correct
APA formatting. You may use your textbook as one scholarly source.
• Use complete sentences and appropriate grammar and spelling.

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