Theory In Practice

In this assignment, you will make connections between the things you’ve learned in CHAD 60 and how it has applied to your Service Learning or how it could have been applied to your past experience with kids.

Be sure your assignment is at least 500 words (2 pages, double spaced). I don’t grade based on exact word count, but I know from past grading that you will not be able to adequately address all areas of the prompt with less than 500 words, which will result in point loss.
Keep your responses relatively even. There are 5 questions/prompts you need to address, and each should be addressed in a paragraph. You could reach the total word count but still have points deducted for lacking in a certain area.For example, writing a whole page for Question #1 doesn’t make up for only writing 2 sentences for Question #2. Be thorough and thoughtful for each prompt!

Separate your responses by paragraph. This makes grading smoother and ensures that I am accurately grading you. I should be able to easily identify which prompt you are addressing at any given time.

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