Training Proposal

Directions-full instructions attachedMs. Anand would like you to submit your 800- to 1000-word training proposal on the responsibilities that front-office staff have when interacting with patients, outside contractors, and vendors to her for review before sending it to the Human Resources department. She has provided the following guidance, highlighting specific points that have to be covered:
Patient Information
Explain the importance of protecting patient health information. You must address the following topics in your response:The impact HIPAA has on protecting patient health information
How to protect patient health information in various physical forms (e.g., paper, computer screens, email, copiers)

Communication Methods
Describe methods for effective communication that can be used by front-office staff. You must address the following topics in your response:Appropriate use of technology (e.g., social media, email, phone)
How effective communication can impact completion of patient information forms
The requirements for providing translation and translated documents within a healthcare facility

Third Party
Vendor interactions: You must address the following topics in your response:Effective ways to build relationships
Obtaining appropriate information needed to meet the needs of the healthcare facility

Outside contractors: You must address the following topics in your response:How this relationship may differ from one with a vendor
Necessary paperwork, policies, or procedures needed to enter into a contract

Safe office environment: You must address the following topics in your response:Addressing risk factors and hazards (such as the need for access badges and locked areas)
Biohazards (e.g., flu symptoms, medications, syringe)
Responsibilities when a code is called (e.g., cardiac arrest, severe weather, lockdown, hazmat)
Some web resources

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