“Utilitarianism” by John Stuart Mill

The essay should explain in detail the way in the moral theory of Mill, Kant, OR Rawls can be used to decide what is right to do, either in a given situation or in formulating general moral rules for the construction of society. Don’t forget this is an expository essay! (Expository)

Section 1: You should begin by explaining in detail the way in which the author in question thinks we should decide what is right – explain their decision procedure for evaluating action. This section should draw heavily on the primary texts, and should be a third to a half of the essay.

Section 2: Apply this moral theory to the evaluation of TWO particular proposed actions or social practices. Present one action or practice that different moral theories or intuitions agree on, AND present one on which moral theories or intuitions disagree. (You don’t need to describe the disagreement or the opposing view at this point, merely mention that there is disagreement.)
–Be sure to describe each proposed action or social practice in detail.
–Then state how the moral theory you are examining would analyze that action or practice.

Finally, in a paragraph or two, state the strongest reason you can think of that another moral theory (such as those discussed in the “Moral Reasons” reading) or intuitions would give for disagreeing about the second case. (Use of the primary texts will strengthen this section.)

Please make this great I need a great grade thank you so much for your help!

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