video reflection

I’d like you to select from the YouTube channel link below, specifically choosing from only the Practical Tips to Manage Others and/or the Academic Stuff playlists (for now). To be fair, you should watch video(s) that are a combined total of at least 20 minutes. Then, please write a reflection of at least 600 words (the length of these assignment details is 450 words) about what you learned, found interesting, and how you thought about management differently. It should not be a play-by-play (i.e. first she talked about this, then this, etc.). Please identify each of the video(s) you watched.
Your submission should be professional in nature and look like a student attending a great university wrote it. I’d also like to know if you enjoyed this assignment. I plan to build some other assignments (as well as extra credit) around it in the future and would appreciate your feedback.
The link is:

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