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There are two strategies that can be utilized for gathering information based on two different groups of stakeholders. The first strategy is community outreach based on non-profit organizations or local health departments stakeholders going out into the communities and interacting with the residents, collecting data, and using the data to help improve the well-being of the community. A strength in utilizing community outreach is that the interaction between the stakeholders and the community allows for the identification and addressing of the community needs that exist through the data collection, which can be used to help create intervention programs. The second strength is forming a trusting bond which will allow for consent and permission when collecting and utilizing the data. However, a disadvantage is the language barrier and literacy level; if the community speaks a different langue from the stakeholders, communication will be difficult and if the community residents cannot read or write, they might not be able to do surveys and other forms of data collection methods (Davis, 2021).
The second strategy is more modernized because of the advancement of technology and the power of social media. This method is utilizing social media stakeholders such as influencers. These stakeholders have thousands of individuals observing their every move and they are being influenced by these stakeholders. Therefore, utilizing the stakeholders to collect data will be easier. However, two disadvantages to this strategy are not everyone is tech-savvy enough to utilize or manipulate social media and the devices they are on and the second disadvantage is inaccurate information can easily be distributed which can be an issue. The advantage is that more people can be reached, meaning more data can be collected and it is cost-effective.

Davis, B. (2021). What are the pros

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