War on Drugs

Hi! I need help answering these practice test questions in one paragraph each with in text citations.
Drugs were not always illegal, and in fact, a person could buy dangerous narcotics over the counter and by mail. But by the late 19th and early 20th century, state officials began classifying certain drugs as dangerous and made them illegal. Explain how this change took place? Give specific reasons.
How did race and ethnicity affect the way drugs were criminalized? Think about how state and federal authorities criminalized Opium and Marijuana?
After watching The House I Live In, how does the War on Drugs directly relate to incarceration? Think about how prisons were initially intended to be used (think Auburn and Eastern State). How did the War on Drugs directly challenge the idea of rehabilitation and short-term incarceration?
Whether you agree with The House I Live In or not, how do filmmakers argue that the war on drugs targeted people of color? How did drug laws, politicians, and law enforcement target black and brown communities?

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