Week 1 Discussion Post

Answer the following four questions:

1. What is the basis for intergovernmental relations in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights?

2. Why is intergovernmental relations important to the Federal Government?
3. Why is intergovernmental relations important to local governments?

4. Why is intergovernmental relations important to state governments?

3. Organize each of your initial question responses in the following manner:

a. Identify the question you are responding to.

b. Your response should be in a paragraph style and contain a 50 word response for each questions.

All answers should meet acceptable standards of grammar and structure. References with proper citations are welcomed as appropriate.

f. All ideas, facts, and conclusions that are not the author’s own intellectual property must be cited. Otherwise, it is plagiarism.

Use the following text books for references:

The Politics of Intergovernmental Relations, Third Edition, 2016
Elizabeth Frederickson, Stephanie L. Witt and David C. Nice

Intergovernmental Relations in Transition: Reflections and Directions, 2018
Carl W. Stenberg and David K. Hamilton, editors

Also I don’t have an electronic copy of the books you should be able to find online for free.

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