Week 3 Case Study: Avoiding Repetitive Change Syndrome

When there is too much change, too often…

In our current advancing world where the term, “disruption” has become a bugle-call for rapid, and continuous organization change, one consequence of such change activities, is often organizational fatigue. Simply, people need to have a chance to adjust to the change, before introducing more change.


Please use and analyze the Harvard Business case study entitled “Avoiding Repetitive Change Syndrome” from your Course Pack. Then address the following questions in a 3 to 5 page paper. Paper should be double-spaced. Type size should be 12 points. Please use normal fonts, such as Times Roman, Ariel or Calibri, etc.

Assignment Criteria

1. What were the major elements identified in the study that comprises the Repetitive Change Syndrome?
2. Briefly discuss how each of those Repetitive Change Syndrome elements may affect employees in terms of the Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral frame work.
3. Briefly discuss some of the ways those tasked with “monitoring the change” might determine problems with effectively implementing the change initiative.
4. Provide an example of a company you believe may have experienced Repetitive Change Syndrome, and why?

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