Week 5 discussion 1

OverviewActivityDue DateFormatGrading PercentVulnerability, Dependency, and ResistanceDay 3(1st post)Discussion4Stress ManagementDay 3(1st post)Discussion4Final Research PaperDay 7Assignment30Learning OutcomesThis week students will:
Determine the role of Vulnerability, Dependency and Resistance in the delivery of human services.
Demonstrate the role of the Advocate on the individual, city, state and national level.
Discern the threat of burnout in the helping profession and the means available to guard against this occurrence.
IntroductionWelcome to the final week of class! We have certainly covered a great detail of content in our journey through the helping relationship, and this week we will conclude by looking into some of the practical aspects of working in the human services field. How do professionals avoid burnout? How do they deal with clients who vulnerably, dependent, or resistant? Provide your insight in the forums, and take the time as you work on your Final Paper to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have.
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TextRead the following chapters in the text, Working with People: the Helping Process:Chapter 11: Dealing with Vulnerability, Dependency and ResistanceChapter 12: Getting it All TogetherArticlesDollard, M.F., Dormann, C., Boyd, C.M, Winefield, H.R,

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