Week 6 Responses

Week 6 Responses (100 words x2):

Choose two of your classmates’ data sets. Take 30 random samples of 5 data points each (one way: Past the data here http://www.randomizelist.com/ randomize the list and take the first 5 numbers, or use the sampling feature at http://www.brianreedpowers.com/MAT240/stats/descriiptiveStats.html), and calculate the average for each of these samples. You will now have 30 sample means. Create and post a histogram for your sample means. What is the mean of these means? What is the standard deviation? Does this make sense based on the Central Limit Theorem? Do the sample means follow a normal distribution? What p-value does the normality test give? How and why does this differ from the original data?

Attached are the 2 students i picked that i need to respond to.

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