What is speciesism, and how is it like racism and sexism? Can we morally justify treating non-human animals in ways, e.g. experimentation and factory farming, that we would think it wrong to treat humans? Why or why not?

write 4 – 6 double-spaced pages. Instead of a title, copy and paste the question you will answer! Focus on clearly explaining any relevant readings and material watched in class. You may also use the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (https://plato.stanford.edu/). Give reasons for why the author thinks what they do, and explain why you agree or disagree with them. Do not simply give your opinions. Make sure to cite the proper sources for any ideas that are not your own. Use proper grammar and spelling, and always proof read your work before handing it in. You may choose a topic not on the list, but only if you discuss it with me in advance.

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