wirter’s craft


You will work with a partner to research a specific essay type that is based in developing an opinion, argument, or message the essay type that was given to me was a process analysis essay. You will present your findings to the class as part of a “peer teaching” lesson.


· You and your partner will be given a specific essay form to research which is a process analysis essay.
· You will need to research the following:
§ A basic definition of your essay form (what is it?)
§ The purpose of your essay
§ The process of writing (i.e. pre-writing requirements, drafting, etc.)
§ The conventions of your essay
§ You and your partner will create a digital resource a PowerPoint that you will provide the class that summarizes your findings.
· You will focus on an example of your essay type the example given to us was Stephen Leacock how to live to be 200. You must read the text and identify key passages (3-4) that effectively demonstrate qualities of the essay type that you have discussed. You should create short annotations that explore the conventions you have discussed.
· You and your partner will present your work to the class to allow your peers to gain an understanding of your essay type. Presentations should cover all that you have included within your digital resource and the passages you have discussed/annotated.
· You must include a Works Cited

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