Work force management

Answer 4 out of 8 of the questions below 500 words each

The psychological contract is central to the employer-employee relationship and breaches of
the psychological contract can have a negative impact on both employee and organisational
performance. Critically evaluate.
2. Critically explore the antecedents of work-life conflict and or facilitation, drawing upon
Humbert and Lewis (2008) and McMillan, Morris and Atchley (2011) ‘Constructs of the
Work/Life Interface: A Synthesis of the Literature and Introduction of the Concept of
Work/Life Harmony’
3. How does role congruity theory help to explain why women are under-represented in
leadership roles? Drawing upon Ibarra, Ely and Kolb (2013) and Elsesser and Lever (2011) ‘to
support your answer.
“There is a direct relationship between stress and employee performance.” Critically evaluate
the above statement drawing upon Mark and Smith (2006).
“Emotions are problematic for organisations.” Critically assess this statement, drawing upon
Williams (2003) and Barsade and Gibson (2007).
6. How do organisations create perceptions of organisational Justice, drawing upon Cropanzano,
R., Bowen, D. E.,

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