write a brief paragraphs answering some questions and paraphrase a some paragraphs

Why are we analyzing an intersection using Synchro software?
Why are we finding the level of service (LOS) in a different scenario?
How can we improve an intersection with such an analysis?
each question with a small paragraph
The main purpose of the ring barrier diagram is to keep all movements separated and
sequenced in an intersection to prevent or minimize any possible conflicts and crashes. In
order to standardize any design, operation, and maintenance of an intersection a ring barrier
diagram is used. The ring barrier diagram allows the engineer to study all the movements and
sequencing of an intersection, to then be able to plan the project considering high safety
Long cycle lengths have huge negative impact on road congestion compared to short
cycle lengths. The main reason is that long cycle lengths provide a green light time for the main
roads that is approximately four times bigger than the minor roads’ green light time, converting
street to barriers instead of stitching them together. The huge issue is that pedestrians will have
to wait for a long time to cross the road, thus decreasing their compliance. Another big issue is
that some cars and most of motorists will decide not to use the minor roads so that they do not
have to wait for a long time, therefore increasing road congestion with higher average delay on
the main road.
Increasing the green time at signalized intersections for one approach has negative impact
on the other approaches. This will increase the average delay for the other approaches; not only
for cars and motorists but for pedestrians as well. It will also increase the volume on the other
approaches, causing high road congestion by making the flow slower and frustrating.

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