Write a program that Identifying Photo Folders on the Hard Drive — PYTHON

Identifying Photo Folders on the Hard Drive
I have a bad habit of transferring files from my digital camera to temporary folders somewhere on the hard drive and then forgetting about these folders. It would be nice to write a program that could scan the entire hard drive and find these leftover “photo folders.”
Write a program that goes through every folder on your hard drive and finds potential photo folders. Of course, first you’ll have to define what you consider a “photo folder” to be; let’s say that it’s any folder where more than half of the files are photos. And how do you define what files are photos? First, a photo file must have the file extension .png or .jpg. Also, photos are large images; a photo file’s width and height must both be larger than 500 pixels. This is a safe bet, since most digital camera photos are several thousand pixels in width and height.
As a hint, here’s a rough skeleton of what this program might look like:
#! python3 # Import modules and write comments to describe this program. for foldername, subfolders, filenames in os.walk(‘C:\’): numPhotoFiles = 0 numNonPhotoFiles = 0 for filename in filenames: # Check if file extension isn’t .png or .jpg. if TODO: numNonPhotoFiles = 1 continue # skip to next filename # Open image file using Pillow. # Check if width

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