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Please follow the Assessment 3 Instructions.docx and the Assessment 3 guidance.docx attached and ensure you utilize all the attachments as well as per the instructions. Please also let the writer know to read the 9050PROJ A3 Rubric Term 6 2021.pdf and ensure that the report will meet all the Key components and all the requirements in the High Distinction column. Please note that the Title page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Words within a table, and References are not included in the word count. Please note that the literature review and the Research methodology sections have already been included in this report 1,500-words (plus 10% allowance). Also, references from the first two assessments have been included. So, the writer only needs to write another 3,000 words (plus 10% allowance) to cover the rest of the Report structure guide to complete this report. Please ensure the writer uses references where I am able to access the full articles and details of the source. Thanks

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