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Papers will not be graded unless submitted through SafeAssign.
There will be a 1 point deduction for each day the paper is late-no exceptions.
Do not include a cover sheet. Print only on one side.
Do note reference anything other than the article you have chosen.
Because you are summarizing one research article, you are required to reference it only at the end of your last paragraph (sample below).
No quotes allowed.
Your paper should be double-spaced and ~5 pages long.

Examples of appropriate search engines are PsyInfo, Science Direct or Pub Med

1. In your first paragraph, discuss why you selected the article and how it relates to the class. (5 pts)
2. In your second paragraph, explain how the topic is relevant to the world beyond psychology. (4 pts)
3. In your third paragraph, describe what and how the researchers measured their hypothesis. (4 pts)
4. In your fourth paragraph, explain what they found. (4 pts)
5. In your fifth paragraph, describe why they did the research and its importance. (4 pts)
6. Your last paragraph should contain your comments or an idea not mentioned in the paper. (4 pts)

You must rephrase every idea that is not yours; needless to say plagiarism for this paper assignment will result in an F grade for the paper.
Author(s). (YEAR). Title. Journal, Volume, Pages. (Note: Italicized section). [The second line should be indented] – Just like on the syllabus

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