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After viewing His Girl Friday (1940), Dir. Howard Hawks; Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), Dir. Stanley Kubrick; and Blazing Saddles (1974), Dir. Mel Brooks; consider how comedy, especially parody, satire, and black comedy is able to address/comment on societal problems of the 20th century such as: racism, gender issues, stereotyping, authoritarianism, crime, injustice, war, etc. Also, consider more existential issues such as: identity construction, sexuality, community/human relations, modernity, communication/language, etc. and how comedy provides a platform to confront and correct problems in these fictive worlds.

In your answer describe what type of comedy each uses and what comic elements or devices are present.

Consider the genres that are being parodied, and why the directors/writers felt that they best suited the problems being addressed. YOU MUST INCORPORATE A MINIMUM OF TWO ACADEMIC SOURCES

Notes on what to focus on? =
His Girl Friday – gender roles and sexuality – embracing femininity while achieving personal success
(academic source) why it is more difficult for women to handle ‘men’ jobs

Dr. Strangelove – exploitation of individuals’ patriotion as well as the blind faith within patriotism
Irony itself is that this movie is greatly unpatriotic
One’s patriotism is weaponized to support war benefits = government corruption and persuasion

Blazing Saddles – corruption of societal and political relationships within the community due to racial bias
Reminder of the neutral stance of governmental relations – though is often to be more be negative and bias
Normalcy of racial stereotypes = infers to the concept of racism being a learned process rather than an inherent thought
Race as a weapon
Sexual innuendos = stereotypes
Community that is bounded to racial bias become ignorant to a necessity (needing a new sheriff) and instead worries more about the color of his skin
Blames government for instilling a black sheriff (considering that current times of this movie still have a high incline of racism, why did the government even consider a black man to have a leadership role
The bystander effect (academic research) on racism
Ending concludes that town treats him better but would not openly support him
Fear of judgement by peers, fear of change

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