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Composition in Three Genres with Rhetorical Rationales (1,300 words)

Our final project has two major goals: 1) to help us explore the relationship between genre, audience, and context and 2) to expand our understanding of genre beyond print. To fulfill these goals, you will use the research conducted within your second project—and re-present that argument across three genres. In other words, you need to create three new pieces that relate to the argument you made in your research essay. While at least one of your creations should include written text, none should be a lengthy paper. You don’t have time for that at this late point in the semester. Instead, use this project as an opportunity to be creative, as you can compose visual, material, and/or aural projects.

In addition to the three creations, you will write a rationale (at least 100 polished words) that explains the rhetorical choices you made in each genre and how you see those choices as rhetorically effective for your context and audience. In other words, for each of your creations, you’ll write a 100 word explanation (minimum of 300 words in all) of why you did what you did and how well you think it works or doesn’t work for your intended purpose and audience. This project must have a total of 1,300 polished words between the genres and the rhetorical rationales.

In other words: Create three new multimedia compositions.

1) Choose three genres from the “List of Genres” document in this module.

2) Create 3 Compositions after choosing from the list.

3) Make sure there is a total of 1,000 written words included in the process of creating those compositions.

4) Write a 100-word rhetorical rationale (see instructions above) for each of the Compositions.

Here’s the list of genres for your reference:

Interpretive Dance
Flow chart
Short Story
Musical Theater Book and Songbook
Series of emails
Stand-up Routine
Exhibit of Photographs
Board game
Video game
School, schedule, curriculum
Fashion Line
Charity Event
Restaurant – menu, descriiption of theme
News report
Instruction manual
Social Media Campaign
Menu of Controversial Food
Themed Magazine/Topic Magazine
Trailer for movie or documentary
Silent Film

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