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Think about all the ways that social media gives us power and all the ways that we abuse that power in our every day lives and why that is. Then, in a 2 to 3 page essay for your social media peers (every day social media users, not influencers or famous people) , Use your sources to help you write an argument (conclusion premises) Designed to persuade your audience to be careful not to abuse their social media power by analyzing three reasons why people abuse power on social media. another way to think about this is that the effect power can have on people is also reason why people abuse it. finally, include a brief discussion about how not to abuse power. You can do this in a small body paragraph at the end of your paper or use this as a strategy for your conclusion so that you’re moving from problem to solution but focusing mainly on the problem. your thesis should be the conclusion to your argument that people tend to abuse power on social media as well as your three main ideas which are also your three reasons why we abuse power. Your thesis should be the last sentence in your introduction. Again remember this essay is about your social media peers, not influencers and celebrities, so leave them out of your thesis. Use the two sources to help you come up with three reasons why people abuse power but don’t quote, paraphrase, or cite them in your main ideas. Think of it this way you and Haddock or are you and Shea can agree on the way people abuse power and have the same idea. This also means that one of your main ideas has to be about liking a strong moral identity since Shea discusses just one reason people abuse power. then, thoroughly support and develop each main idea or premise or reason with evidence and explanations that come from a combination of your sources and your own observations and analysis. You must use both sources in your paper and should weave in at least one source per body paragraph. your tone should be semi formal to formal. This means you should not use I or you. You can however use first person plural we.

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