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To Prepare
• Review the Week 3 Learning Resources including the media on evaluating peer-reviewed articles, navigating the Walden Library database, and summarizing.
• From the Learning Resources for this week, choose either Group A (Nonprofit Administration focus) or Group B (Public Administration focus) and read each of the 2 articles in the group you choose. Pay special attention to the APA citation format in the assigned articles.
• Review the Assignment Rubric found on the Course Information page to familiarize yourself with the expectations of this Assignment.
Assignment (1–2 pages not including title and reference pages)
Using the APA Course Paper Template (APA 7) in the Learning Resources, write a paper that includes the following information for the two articles you chose for this Assignment (i.e., either Group A articles or Group B articles). You will use the same two articles from your Group to address the following:
Part 1: Identifying the Elements of a Peer-Reviewed Article
• Based on the two articles from the group you selected, what two peer-review elements do they share?
Note: Identify each peer-reviewed element in 1–2 words.
Example*: Both articles include a title and an abstract.
*Do not use the terms “title” or “abstract” in your response.
• Write a 1-paragraph summary of the entire first article in your group (i.e., Appe and Telch article in Group A, or Kees, Fitzgerald, Dorsey, and Hill article in Group B). To meet the requirements for this part of the Assignment, you must read the entire article in order to complete your summary.
• Your summary should include an analysis of the authors’ research objectivity, use of evidence, cultural awareness, and lack of bias.
Note: Do not summarize the Abstract. Do not use any direct quotes. Include at least one internal reference as in the example below.
Becker, M. A.,

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