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Write your Abstract page and paragraph that you will be using for your major paper assignment. Submit this as a single page word document via Campus Web. This will be the paragraph and page you will use in APA format for your paper that is due at the end of the class. It is expected that this Abstract may need to be revised when you finish your paper.

Please write and format your reference page that you will use for your final paper in this course. Submit via Campus Web in an MS Word document. These will be the resources you will use. Naturally, these sources you give now are subject to change. You can add or subtract to these sources. They are simply a starting point for you to go to as you build on your final paper.

You are appointed as the supervisor of a new and innovative detail of twenty-five municipal police officers whose task it is to rebuild the image of law enforcement in a number of disadvantaged communities within your municipality. Since this is a special assignment, you will report directly to a Deputy Commissioner in your agency. The jurisdiction of your special detail is the entire municipality.

You are tasked with selecting personnel within the existing ranks of your law enforcement agency.
You are tasked with training the personnel selected.
You are tasked with selecting a site within each of the disadvantaged communities so that service is provided to the targeted community.
You are tasked with arranging and scheduling meetings of community leaders.
Write a 1,500-word paper that is APA formatted on how you will accomplish the mission of rebuild the image of the police department in the disadvantaged communities. The paper will outline your efforts to address all four of the tasks to which you have been assigned utilizing the SARA problem solving model.

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