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For this assignment you need to answer each question below using your eText as the primary resource. You should also do some additional research, using at least 1 additional source to help you answer the following questions. Your submitted document should be at least 2 full double-spaced pages using Times New Roman, 12-point font. DO NOT include the questions as headings. Use APA format to provide in-text citations and a reference list. Title page and reference page does not count towards page length requirements.

1. Provide the business strategy or a possible business strategy of a local, national or global company. Explain why the business strategy is important for the company to succeed.
2.Explain what is meant by the term competitive priority and describe the four categories of competitive priorities discussed in the chapter. Please identify one competitive priority the company identified in question one is using.
3.Describe the meaning of productivity. Explain the three types of productivity measures. Describe one type of productivity measure your company identified in question one is using. How is this related to their business strategy, mission or vision?
4.Describe the three types of technologies. Explain the strategic role of technology? Please identify which of the three technologies your company identified in question one is using. If it is a product technology, please provide the name of the product.

Operations Management: An Integrated Approach, Enhanced eText, 7th Edition
ISBN: 9781119497066
By: R. Dan Reid; Nada R. Sanders
Here is the copy of the book if you need:

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